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United Adjustment Services

Our belief is that best collection agency should have a foundation based on integrity, professionalism and results of success. United Adjustment Service places an emphasis on providing a seamless credit and collections experience from the unfortunate time of unpaid accounts to the time of payment. We provide our clients with unmatched support, services and financial growth.

Medical and Dental

For over 30 years we have specialized in healthcare collections. We understand that with the growing healthcare costs that cash flow is critical to running your practice.

Ambulance Service

With rising costs of healthcare and costs of doing business, we know how important your cash flow is to your bottom line. We offer a high level of compassion and respect to your patients but will work the account to the fullest extent to get the money owed to you.

Residential and Business Rental Properties

When tenants leave and damage your property you know the costs can hurt your cash flow for your business. UAS will track down your tenants and get the money owed to you

Bad Checks

You provide the service or goods promised, but, unfortunately there are times when you will receive a bad check. From restaurants to grocery stores, UAS has been recovering bad checks for businesses for many years.


Once an account has fallen into default or subscriber has moved we know how hard it can be to collect the money owed to you. UAS uses several procedures to track down the debtor and recover the debt owed to you.

Commercial Collections

We understand that reducing your account receivables and increasing your cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running your business. UAS also knows the time and man power it takes to call and send letters to collect the money owed to you.

Results of Success

Using a professional customer service approach, our representatives are trained to work with your debtors to satisfy the balances owed to you utilizing technology & resources to provide efficient recovery of delinquent debt.

About Us

United Adjustment Service has been a family owned collection agency for 35 years. This company has been successfully built on proven results for our clients. We are confident that our agency has the knowledge and technology to take care of your collection needs.

Our Philosophy

At UAS we strive to provide our clients the best debt collection service possible. We have the tools and experience to provide the service you need. We understand your business and are ready to help.


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At UAS we strive to provide our clients the best debt collection service possible.

Collection Support

Our collection agents reach out to your customers to collect payment for over due bills, loans or other payments. Our agents act as the liaisons between creditors and customers while also managing over due accounts.

Monday - Friday

Companies can benefit from collection services in many ways. Our agents can review terms of sale or loan documents, determine if debts can be collected, locate customers for payment, and manage records.