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Medical and Dental Accounts Receivable

For over 30 years we have specialized in healthcare collections. We understand that with the growing healthcare costs that cash flow is critical to running your practice. UAS strives to collect the maximum amount for you all while caring about your patients and collecting in a fair and ethical way. UAS is fully HIPAA compliant and are experienced to handle all situations given to us. From insurance reimbursement to workman comp cases, we can handle it all.

Healthcare Collections

  • Work closely with health providers to enhance profitability.
  • Superior and ethical services during the collection of healthcare accounts.
  • Maintain positive relationships with consumers.

Dental Collections

  • Certified collectors very experienced with dental debts
  • Diplomatic efforts that help maintain and preserve your patient relationships
  • Determining the most effective treatment strategies
  • Numerous debtor payment options

Residential and Business Rental Property

When tenants leave and damage your property you know the costs can hurt your cash flow for your business. UAS will track down your tenants and get the money owed to you. We report to the credit bureaus to warn future landlords and motivate them to pay their debt owed. Before or after judgment UAS will work the account to the fullest extent.

Residential Rental Property Collections

If you choose to manage your residential rental property yourself, you’ll have to do the unpleasant work of chasing down your tenant if the rent is late. Let UAS help, we represent property owners and property management companies to make sure they’re paid.

Business Rental Property

Your budget relies on your tenants consistent payment for rent, but renters dont always take that into consideration, skipping town in the middle of a lease or living in the home rent-free until you evict them. UAS’ rental collection agency can help, but it’s important to have the right team working for you.


Utility Collections

Electric, Internet, Telephone, Cable, Satellite and Water

Once an account has fallen into default or subscriber has moved we know how hard it can be to collect the money owed to you. UAS uses several procedures to track down the debtor and recover the debt owed to you. We strive to work hand in hand with you to make a seamless transition from the time the debt is made to the recovery of your account.

Utility Service Collections

United Adjustment Service works with state and national laws to obtain outstanding debt for any utility debt. We are regulated and upto date on all policies both state and federal.

Electric, Water, and more

Electric utilities generally have the highest revenue collections demands, followed by municipal operations.  Municipal water utilities often have the most need for collections services.  Regardless of the utility UAS can help.


Bad Check Collections

You provide the service or goods promised, but, unfortunately there are times when you will receive a bad check. From restaurants to grocery stores, UAS has been recovering bad checks for businesses for many years. We can add a fee to the check so you are not out any money and get the money owed back to you.

Bad Checks

A bad check can bounce if the customer has insufficient funds in their account, or if the account has been deleted or closed. Understanding how to collect money from a bad check and when to escalate collection efforts inorder to reach resolution is what UAS is here for to help.

Bad Check Recovery Services

United Adjustment Service can help deliver a complete check collection solution that liberates Merchants from the expense, time and discomfort of check recovery. Protect your reputation and stop repeat offenders, get the service you need today.


Ambulance Medical Billing

With rising costs of healthcare and costs of doing business, we know how important your cash flow is to your bottom line. We offer a high level of compassion and respect to your patients but will work the account to the fullest extent to get the money owed to you. UAS has the staff to handle insurance claims to legal claims so you can work on your business and not be tied up with aged accounts receivables.

Ambulance Service

Emergency ambulance service intended to provide to their patients with immediate response – at UAS we provide the same effort and diligence with collections.

Medicare Service

Medicare coverage of ambulance services, specifically Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers ambulance services to or from a hospital within specific guidelines. If covered, Medicare will pay for 80% of its approved amount for the ambulance service.


Commercial Collections

We understand that reducing your account receivables and increasing your cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running your business. UAS also knows the time and man power it takes to call and send letters to collect the money owed to you. Let us work with you to reduce your costs and increase your cash flow by getting the money you are owed back to your company.

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial debt collection can become complicated when a deal is made based on a handshake rather than with a contract. Prevention and planning ahead is a vital component of commercial debt collection. Please contact us if you have any questions; a new business deal is an exciting prospect, and it can be easy to ignore the fine print. Call UAS today.

Commercial Collection Services

United Adjustment Service helps both small businesses and large business alike. Help help business manage their cash flow. Our seasoned collectors are failure with handling large balance commercial accounts and are here to work with you. Our priority is your satisfaction.


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At UAS we strive to provide our clients the best debt collection service possible.

Collection Support

Our collection agents reach out to your customers to collect payment for over due bills, loans or other payments. Our agents act as the liaisons between creditors and customers while also managing over due accounts.

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Companies can benefit from collection services in many ways. Our agents can review terms of sale or loan documents, determine if debts can be collected, locate customers for payment, and manage records.